Diane’s extraordinary personality is central to her success. I first came in contact with Diane as a result of her senior role with a large international company. Our relationship come friendship developed from there. Her influence on staff was enormous and I can best describe her primary skills in a succession of quick, precise statements.

Diane made us all feel good; she always has your interest at heart; Diane provided moral support and stimulus; she gave credit where credit was due; her encouragement extracted the best of personnel and as a result, advanced company values.

Diane is first and foremost a human relationships person and as such can be a great supporter and confidante, both privately and in a business sense.

To summarise, Diane is astute, business like and the consumate professional


I have had the pleasure of working and knowing Diane Steed-Chentrens for over 10 years. During this time Diane has displayed the utmost  integrity, honesty, professionalism, conscientiousness and self-driven achievement based work ethic. Diane has excellent people skills and is able to interact with people of all ages, genders, cultures etc, and can gain their trust and support effortlessly. Diane frequently suggested alternatives/options as solutions and was actively engaged at all times to ensure she provided superior customer experiences and exceeded customer expectations.


I worked with Di Steed-Chentrens from 2000-2008 at the Sydney offices of American Express Business Travel. As a client manager I regularly interacted with Di, as did my entire team, in seeking her advice in best practices for working from home, assistance with recruitment of travel consultants, and support and advice on our Amex Regional and National conferences.


I can certainly attest that during Diane’s time at American Express and also her time in recruitment, her amazing talent at getting the very best out of people, and also getting the very best for them was well known and acknowledged by her peers and senior management. Diane actually created and launched a wonderful project called “Blue Homes” which gave travel consultants and client management the opportunity to work from home, and to maximise their work life balance. At all times Diane cared passionately about people and their success. Her energy and positive attitude assisted us all to succeed and reach the next level of achievement.


I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the ‘graduate development program’, designed and ran by Diane for many years. This program helped me enter the workforce and begin my travel career, through a extensive training and on the spot experiences program.Through her caring and professional manner, Diane then continued to offer support and guidance to me throughout my career, which certainly assisted in my development and success within our company


Diane was such a valued team member, involved in numerous committees and constantly implementing new work place initiatives, to ensure our people were always happy. Diane would have to be one of the loveliest most caring people I have ever met, she would light up any room through her contagious positive outlook and happy persona. I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with such an inspirational person, in which I wish every success for the future.


I had the absolute pleasure of working with Diane during my long tenure at American Express. I believe Diane is the epitome of a “People person”, always putting people and their needs first and foremost. You always walk/come away from a conversation with Diane feeling happier and more positive and I find she is a restorative tonic to your confidence, if you ever begin to doubt yourself or your abilities.


Last month I decided to return to the workforce after a 9 month break and engaged Diane to work her special magic on my resume, which was obviously not in tune with the new type of roles I was applying for. I realised there was a problem with my existing resume when I didn’t even get an interview for a job I thought I was perfect for.


After just one phone call and a couple of emails to Diane I had a brand new resume which I am now very proud of as she was able to help articulate my skills in a way I was not capable of.


I only got the chance to show my new, improved resume to one employer, who called me the day after the interview, saying they wanted to “snap me up” before any other employer did. Thanks Di – What a fantastic job !


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