All resumes and cover letters requested from Seriously Successful Resumes will only be commenced upon receipt of full payment, and on receipt of appropriate and complete information from yourself, the client.


Seriously Successful Resumes do not accept responsibility for checking confirmation of the information given, nor do Seriously Successful Resumes reference check from all previous employers.


Any cancellation of orders, if received within 24 hours of request and payment will result in a cancellation fee of 10%.


Cancellations received later than 24 hours will not receive a refund.


The services that Seriously Successful Resumes provide are tools to offer you an even greater chance of obtaining an interview and a subsequent offer of the job that you want. Accordingly, Seriously Successful Resumes do not provide a guarantee or warranty that you will obtain an interview, nor an offer of employment. There are many variables over which we have no control. Employers will consider how suitable your experience is in relation to the position, and also how well you present and conduct yourself during an interview. They will also check on your personal references from previous employers.


Seriously Successful Resumes accept no liability for your failure to gain employment or lost opportunities.


Any information supplied by you is viewed and treated as private and confidential. No information is shared with any outside party or individual.


This agreement is governed by and in accordance with the laws of Queensland, Australia.

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