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Times are certainly changing!  Now, thanks to the age of YouTube and Facebook, many large corporations and recruitment agencies, (both overseas and here in Australia) are set to accept resumes and CV’s posted on line!

 It’s early days for this technology, and of course making and editing your own video to place on YouTube, is not for everybody.

 Warnings about “remember to use spell-check”, simply pale into insignificance when you consider that now you would need to check your appearance, hair, possible make up, posture, tone of voice and general body language!!!

 Now while Australia has not taken to this in a big way at the moment, there are presently some excellent recruitment agencies that are using video interviews as a way to further support the written resume or CV sent on line.  It is an added benefit that can help you stand out from the competition.  Candidates are invited to take the opportunity to record a brief 3-4 minute video introducing themselves, and in general discussing the type of role they would enjoy and a brief outline of their present role.    The video is then attached to the general resume and both are sent on line to prospective employers.

Jobster, a new and leading innovator for online recruitment in the USA have themselves cloned a new expression –  “social recruiting” – and have teemed up with Facebook to feature this technology.  As a portal for job seekers it allows Recruitment Companies or large organizations to look for potential new candidates.  Ideally this would save money by actually removing the need for first interviews.

However, as we have already identified, many candidates are not actually suited for this three minutes of fame!  Further the whole idea raises some considerations as to legal ramifications, whereby not being successful could generate claims as to bias based on age, gender or even race.  A bit of a minefield!  And taking it a step further –  if an application is only by video, then anybody disadvantaged by not having this equipment may have a legal claim for discrimination!  (legal term “disparate treatment”)

Take heart however  –  right now, the “good old regular written resume” is still the most popular and the most widely accepted.

While a video will never replace a face to face interview we do need to be reminded of the old age saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

If you choose to put together a video resume/CV or produce your own YouTube, make sure your picture is going to say the very best about you!

It’s a wrap!

If tempted to post your Video on YouTube, check with Diane for any interview tips, statements to make and statements not to make!

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